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Stevie Nicks with Walter Egan backstage after Walter performed a set from his first album of 1977 entitled ‘Fundamental Roll’. Both Stevie and Lindsey (Buckingham) collaborated on the album with Walter by contributing vocals, guitar, and work on arrangements and production. In 1978 Walter reached gold status with the hit single “Magnet and Steel" from his second album ‘Not Shy’, produced by Lindsey Buckingham and Richard Dashut. Stevie & Lindsey’s vocals can be clearly heard in it’s harmony stack. The song was written about Stevie as she and Walter were to have a brief affair around that time. Walter fell in love with Stevie on the night she recorded backing vocals for his song ‘Tunnel O’ Love' for 1977's 'Fundamental Roll’, formulating the lyrics for ‘Magnet and Steel’ on the ride home afterward. Walter was a smitten kitten! This particular song was also to become the B side of the 'Magnet and Steel' single from his second album 'Not Shy' too. Interestingly, Walter featured Lindsey’s [toxic] girlfriend at the time, Carol Ann Harris (she was with Lindsey 1977-1985), on the back cover of the 'Not Shy' album and on this single, sitting in a T bird with him..Hmmm…! Anyhow, here’s a link to download/listen to the song in mp3

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